If you thought that the Clean Fairy was the last buildable structure in Cafe World, you should reconsider: starting today, Zynga is allowing us to build the Grand Master Chef, a new decoration that will help us master the recipes faster than ever. And, as always, in this article I will share with you all the details you need to know about the Grand Master Chef in Cafe World!

Before starting to build the Grand Master Chef, you should know a few things: the bonuses offered by the decoration are not permanent – after you finish building it, you will only have 7 days in which you will master dishes three times faster. After that, you will be able to recharge the statue for 7 more days for 8 Cafe Cash.

If you think that this is a great deal, here’s what you need in order to build the Grand Master Chef:

– 8 Magic Herbs
– 8 Secret Spices
– 8 Ancient Recipes
– 8 Secret Scrolls

In order to get these items, you can ask your friends to help you or you can pay 1 Cafe Cash per item. Of course, the best way to do it is by asking your friends!

Have you started building your Grand Master Chef in Cafe World?


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