Micheal Myers in CoD: Ghosts

The new DLC season for Call of Duty: Ghosts will start later this month. On January 28, Xbox One and Xbox 360 will receive the Onslaught DLC package. With 5 new maps, a new gun and more, Onslaught seems like a heavy duty package. It includes:

  • New Fog multiplayer map
  • New Bayview mulitplayer map
  • New Containment multiplayer map
  • New Ignition multiplayer map
  • A re-imagined Scrapyard map for Modern Warfare 2
  • New gun the Maverick, a dual-purpose assault and sniper rifle

Also new is Episode One: Nightfall, the first of a four part narrative for the Extinction storyline. It includes 2 new alien species and an exclusive weapon.

An easter egg in the new Fog map allows players to become famous movie slasher Micheal Myers. After completing a field order, a player will turn into Micheal Myers, donning the famous mask and axe combo. The music will change to a Halloween style theme as well. Check out a screen shot and full trailer below.

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Micheal Myers in CoD: Ghosts
Micheal Myers in CoD: Ghosts