Any news is big news when it comes to the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto V. Rockstar today released a batch of new screenshots giving us glimpses of several different environments and activities within the world of Los Santos.

The game continues to look absolutely gorgeous. In the eleven new screens we are treated to motorcycles, dirt bikes, sports cars and planes. Franklin is sporting binoculars in what looks like the GTA equivalent of the Bay Bridge in the background in another. And of course, what has gotten many people giddy as of late, a shot of Trevor scuba diving with perhaps Michael behind him in what we’re sure is setup to one of the many heists we’ll be taking part in come September. My personal favorite? The silhouette of someone parachuting over a mountain canyon with a river flowing beneath them.  Simply stunning.

What do you guys think? Feel free to let us know which of the batch is going to be your new desktop in the comments. Grand Theft Auto V is coming fast, and more will be revealed in the near future. Keep checking back with for all the latest.