Sony were the first to tell us about the special events we should expect this Halloween and now it’s NCSoft’s turn and their sleuth of high profile MMOs. So if you were wondering what special events and celebrations will be this year in games like Guild Wars, Aion, Lineage or City of Heroes, you’re in the right place!

Aion will be celebrating Harvest Revel. Asmodians celebrate through the Wild Hunt, racing after the Wild Kurthanir hunt leader and cooking special dishes made from the meat. On the other side of Atreia, the Elyos encounter undead creatures pulled back into a semblance of life by the power of the eclipse. Elyos must join roving Dark Night bands to hunt and destroy the undead before they invade Elyos villages. The event begins on October 25 and ends on October 31.

Guild Wars presents the event The Return of Mad King Thorn. Similar to years past, the maniacal monarch has come to play, and he’s got a bag full of tricks and treats to delight and dismay. But non-tricksters fear not, there are plenty of ways to celebrate Halloween – participate in several special events (a new series of quests and a costume PvP brawl) or explore the decorated cities/towns adorned with Halloween décor. The event begins on October 23 and ends on November 2.

City of Heroes prepares to celebrate the Triumph over the New Deadly Halloween Apocalypse. City of Heroes’ annual Halloween Event returns with legions of Zombies, Werewolves, Jack-o-Lanterns, and other foul denizens descend upon Paragon City and the Rogue Isles. The party has already started since yesterday and will end on November 3.

Lineage II keeps it artsy with “Scarecrow Jack” and Halloween Adena Art Contest. Halloween is just around the corner and players can win in-game prizes by showing off their creative holiday spirit. Players are encouraged to create and share their Halloween and/or autumn themed adena art (visual art created by dropping adena on the ground in-game to create an image seen from above.) For those just looking to have fun this Halloween, players can don a “Scarecrow Jack” illusion featuring two animated emotes. Along with the illusion, players will receive 5 revita pops to refill their vitality bars while in game. Everything will begin on October 28 and end on November 19.

The original Lineage will host “Cavern of Chaos” Costume Party, an in-game party in which most monsters will drop pumpkin seed, which is redeemable for prizes like a Pinewand to spawn monsters of choice, accessories, and Stat t-shirts from NPCs. The event will start on October 28 and end on November 4.

Exteel will be celebrating Halloween colorfully with free Orange and Purple paint. But that’s not all! Players will receive +50% bonus credits during the week-long Exteel Halloween celebration! Which will start on October 28 and last until November 4.