Huge surprise for the gaming world! 2K Sports has just announced that their basketball simulation game, NBA 2K9 will be released, for the first time in the game’s history, for PCs! The game will hit the store shelves soon, on October 21, but only in North American markets. However, I’m sure there are many PC users who can hardly wait to put their hands on the game and test it!

This is of course a really smart move from 2K Sports since Electronic Arts has announced that it has no plans to release NBA Live 2009 for PC, so there was a big market left without a product. Hopefully this title will be exactly what we have been waiting for!

“We are excited about the growing popularity of basketball and are eager to get NBA 2K9 in the hands of PC fans,” said Greg Thomas, senior vice president of sports development at 2K. “The PC version will please even the most dedicated basketball fans with the same level of quality simulation we’ve become known for in the console versions of the NBA 2K franchise.”

There are no details regarding possible exclusives or improvements for the PC version of NBA 2K9, so we’ll assume that there are none. Not that it would be a problem, because 2K Sports’ game is really a hit!