Bruce Straley, Naughty Dog’s Game Director of the Uncharted series, has hinted Nathan Drake will return for a fourth installment with the release of the PS4. Talking at a pre-release event of the companies next game release, The Last of Us, Straley was asked whether half of Naughty Dog’s team were working on Uncharted 4 for the next-gen console. While not trying to give too much away at this early stage and in the process of trying to promote The Last of Us, he smiled: “We’ll see.”

Rumours have been rife that Naughty Dog will announce Drake’s next adventure at next month’s E3 event in Los Angeles. While a screening of gameplay footage might be too early to ask for, a cinematic of the franchises next chapter might be shown, much like the first Uncharted at E3 in 2006. An industry source said: “You can almost guarantee that Uncharted will feature at E3 in some capacity to coincide with the release of the PS4.”

It has been suggested by some that Uncharted will be released around October or November of this year, if it is announced at E3. With the possibility of the PS4’s touch screen controls, increased level of graphics, ad so much more, whose to say this couldn’t be the best one yet? This combined with the fact the series has sold more than 17 million copies world wide, and it makes savvy business sense…


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