The success story that is Minecraft just keeps on growing after the latest figures are revealed by developer Mojang.

The sales counter on the official Minecraft site shows that the PC version has now sold over 12 million. When the game breached the 11 million mark back in June, Mojang announced that the overall sales across all platforms had reached 22 million.

When they spoke to IGN, Mojang apparently told them the total figure now stands at a whopping 33 million units. Considering we are still to see the release of the Xbox One version of the game just makes it seem like it’s a game that will just keep on growing.

Not only that but versions of it will also be coming to PS3, PS4 and PS Vita. Who knows just how many sales it will reach when all of these four editions get wheeled out?

Not only that but it was revealed on Monday that Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition would be receiving a new downloadable pack for their game: The Mass Effect Pack.

This provides more than the previous skin packs users have become accustomed to, as not only do you get 36 Mass Effect skins to dress Steve up in, you also get a texture set, a themed UI, 22 Mass Effect 3 music tracks and most tantalisingly of all, a pre-built Mars Facility world! That’s right, Steve is going to Mars!

The pack will be released tomorrow (September 4th) at a price of $3.99. What other Minecraft mash-ups would you like to see in the future, and do you think they’re worth it? To tide you over until tomorrow, check out the trailer below:

[Source: IGN and playxbla]