When it comes to music games like the highly popular and successful Guitar Hero or Rock Band, real bands tend to have some mixed reactions: from total excitement generated by increased single sales to open criticizing of the aforementioned games for the poor state of the rock music industry. Megadeth is somewhere in between, considering that games like Rock Band or Guitar Hero are “the way of the future”.

So, although some big names are still hesitant to associate their names with the music games and stick to the old ways of promoting their work, it is clear that Megadeth is right and the entire music industry is going digital. Here’s what Dave Mustaine, the band’s frontman said after releasing Megadeth’s latest album Peace Sells… But Who’s Buying? as Rock Band DLC:

“In fact, I think the advent of these new games and YouTube and MySpace and being able to upload your music — it’s the way of the future. These old dinosaur bands that don’t want to put their music up on iTunes or have anything to do with you guys doing games with Rock Band and stuff like that. It’s just stupid. You know, just have mercy on them, the old dinosaur bands, and feel sorry for them and buy our stuff instead.”

Hear that, Nickelback?