Now that we’ve checked out the Max Payne 3 clues locations for the first 7 chapters, it’s time to move forward with part two of this guide and check out where we can find the rest of the clues in the game!

Max Payne Chapter 8 Clues Locations

Valerie’s Tombstone: Near the iron exit gate, there is a tombstone with an urn on it. Examine it
Nicole’s Mausoleum: After saving Passos, investigate the Mausoleum on which is written “Home”
Vinnie’s Tombstone: After you dig your own grave and eliminate everybody in the area, go up the stairs and look at the tombstone there

Max Payne Chapter 9 Clues Locations

Dead Gang Members: After entering the building, check out the body inside
Dead UFE Members: After the police scene, walk down the street and you will see the body on the stairs to the right
Dead Residents: After the helicopter scene and killing the police, look at the civilian body

Max Payne Chapter 10 Clues Locations

Office Newspaper: Go inside the office at the end of the gas station and check out the counter
Ad Campaign Poster: In the room downstairs, check out the Camila Machado poster

Max Payne Chapter 11 Clues Locations

Notes on Max: Enter the first room on the corridor and check out the drawers
Passos’ Bed – Enter the middle room on the corridor and check out the bed
Blood Trail: on the rear deck of the ship
Discarded Newspaper: In the home cinema, you will find it on a table
Pried Wall: In the same room, check out the destroyed wall
Daphne’s Passport: Enter the first room near the bedroom and check out the floor near the laptop
Daphne’s Jewellery Box: It’s a big box in the last room, can’t miss it
Visitor Center Display: After taking out the soldiers at the top floor, check out the statues of two men in a corner

Max Payne Chapter 12 Clues Locations

Gurney: After the cutscene when you see the guards dumping bodies, examine the gurney
Ammo Crate: Enter the next room, there’s a big crate there
Wall Photos: After getting out of the destroyed room upstairs, on a wall
Passos’ ID Card: In the same room, there is a small table near a couch. Find it there
Newspaper Article: Look in the room when going back down, on the bar’s counter
Donation Receipt: into the weapons room

Max Payne Chapter 13 Clues Locations

Tourist: in the cell area, on the left side you will find an imprisoned tourist
Prison Log: After the cell area, find the laptop
Promissory Note: After the getting out of the gym, enter the room to the right and check out the desks there
Political Folder: Upstairs, the second room to the right, on a table in the room
E-File on Da Silva: The same corridor, in the last room on the corridor, check out the laptop
Slide Show: In the lecture room, look at the laptop there
Flak Vest: In the armory, before you open the security doors, take the vest

Max Payne Chapter 14 Clues Locations

Ex-Cop: Get into the bathroom and check the toilet stall

And here you have them! All the clues in Max Payne 3. As you can see, it’s not easy to find them all but now that you have this complete guide, with a bit of attention, you will get them especially since they’re not impossible to find either!