It seems that there is some strange bug in Mass Effect 3, one that was left un-patched for the moment – when you (or anybody) creates a lobby, nobody joins the Public Slots. Even with the firewall taken care of and everything else done a la carte, it still seems that nobody joins public slots in Mass Effect 3.

The problem is more curious since invites work well and friends can come if invited, but then the wait to form a squad of 4 is endless because, as I said, nobody joins the created lobby.

Here is what a frustrated gamer said about this strange problem: “Have had the same issue, when making a room only my friends who click join or people I invite come in. Sat for 30+ minutes last night and didn’t once get a random person to find me.”

One fix (or just luck, should we call it) to this problem might be to start the game anyway and then see the rest of the squad join up suddenly – but this does not always work. Another fix to this Mass Effect 3 multiplayer problem would be to wait for BioWare to patch it and make it work. Or get more friends who have the game and invite them directly, which is obviously not an option otherwise we would’ve tried it.

Do you have this problem with Mass Effect 3 with nobody joining your lobby when you create a game?