mass-effect2Even though we’re offering you some tips on how to fix Mass Effect 2 crashes and freezes here in the Unigamesity, it’s always great to see that others are also trying to fix our favorite games and let us enjoy them completely! Therefore, read on to find out about the dual-core temporary fix which is said to solve the problems in Normandy!

What I am talking about? Well, reports from PC gamers owning dual core processors say that they’re experiencing very low load times through decks of the Normandy space ship in Mass Effect 2. The fix until now was that of shutting off one of the CPUs and then putting it back on two cores (but it was a really disgusting and annoying thing to do).

However, as I was saying, there is now a software – an utility called Mass Affinity that automatically switches between single and dual core, making the game playable without the hassle of doing stuff yourself (which is extremely useful for the not-so-tech-savvy gamers).

You can download and use the Mass Affinity fix tool from Playwire, or wait for BioWare to take the matter into their own hands and fix the Mass Effect 2 problems with a patch. It’s your choice!