wendy-wellnesThe competition in the casual genre gets tighter than ever with the release of Wendy’s Wellness, a fun new time management game from Sugar Games (creators of Rainbow Web). In this new title you’ll have to prove your skills by managing a series of wellness centers, which further means that you’re also up for some visual eye candies thanks to the fit girls in the gym. But that’s not the point!

The point in Wendy’s Wellness is that, in a big city where no wellness centers exist, you will start developing your own chain of locales. At first you have to deal with basic equipment and to do all the work yourself – but as the chain of centers grows and the number of customers increases, Wendy’s wellness centers become well-equipped, glamorous and popular with the citizens. You need to use all your management skills to cope with the great number of customers and to hit the objectives of each level. But your hard work will be rewarded by the customers’ gratitude and, of course, by their tips.

The game brings you all the stuff you’ve seen in the other time management titles: different types of customers, some with more patience, others with less, different means to improve the service in your centers and much more. Wendy’s Wellness also delivers a set of mini-games, which will add to the game’s variety and its overall value. If you’re interested in more details on the game or maybe a purchase, check out it’s official website.