Characters in the virtual worlds of Magic World Online should prepare for a top celebration, since the free to play MMO is starting the 1 Year Anniversary. The party will start today, May 12 and it will last a bit over one month, until June 14th. Now that’s what I call a proper celebration!

Of course, you probably care about the goodies you can get in MWO these days, so let’s start with the special gifts (including rare Gold Equipment!) In order to do so, you must get any or all of the seven words named “For Magic World online 1st anniversary celebration” from monster drops and go to a Magic World Online Ambassador to exchange them for the special gift. Easy as cake, right?

Another celebration event is the Auction Hunter. As the name suggests, it involves a ton of great items put up for auction in the Auction House and it will be up for players to bid – and it’s all working on a “first come, first get” basis, so you’d better get ready to spend some time online!

As for the game itself, the developers plan to fine tune the system, such as more effective Blessed Crystal (super) in terms of Growing Weapon composition, more items from Boss, especially higher drop rate of Deva Material falling from Alsace in Illusion and much more.