As part of the Whack the Rat Jimmy Vegas limited time event, players are tasked to complete the Slots Collection. The items from the collection are obtained by completing jobs, fighting, and through the Whack the Rat Jimmy Vegas special jobs.

Below is the complete list of the Slots Collection and where you can get them:

Liberty Bell – this drops from the Jimmy Vegas Jobs
Lucky 7 – looted by doing Jimmy Vegas jobs
Plum – drops by completing jobs in any city in Mafia Wars
Lime – drops by completing jobs in any Mafia Wars city
Triple Bar – drops by winning fights
Cherry – drops by winning fights
Orange – gifted by mafia members through the Free Gifts page

Once you’ve completed and vaulted the Slots Collection, you’ll be rewarded with a One-Armed Bandit (28 Attack 50 Defense). This is also a requirement for the What Happens in Vegas Achievement. The other half of the achievement is mastering the Whack the Rat Jimmy Vegas job. You have until July 16 to complete the

Have you completed the Slots Collection? If not, what items are missing?



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