You probably know by now that robbing is now available in all Mafia Wars cities. But the tips and tricks of a successful robbing mission are still a secret. Or were, since this Mafia Wars robbing guide will tell you how to become the master of robbing in Mafia Wars. Read on and enjoy!

First of all, your chances of a successful heist will depend on several factors such as your Attack Power and your opponent’s Defensive Power, plus a random element:

Attack Power = Attack Stat + Attack points from equipment + boost (if available) + a Random multiplier

Defensive Power = Defense Stat + Defense points from equipment + boost (if any) + Random multiplier

Zynga said that the random multiplier makes the robbing formula not 100 percent static like the fighting formula.

You’ll need lots of stamina if you want to level up your Robbing Mastery Level. The higher your level, the bigger your experience bonus will be. At maximum level, you’ll get 25 percent experience bonus for every successful heist.

With a large stamina, you can easily clear the grid and have the chance to loot an item from the Stolen Diamond Collection. Vaulting this collection improves the odds of successful robberies by ten percent. Robbing properties also give you the chance to obtain items from the Tools of the Trade Collection. Vaulting this collection will give you twenty percent more cash and items from Robbing.

Robbing is a good addition to Mafia Wars. Players can get loot, money and experience from it. Have you tried Robbing lately?