Last week Mafia Wars upgraded the Bangkok, Cuba and Moscow businesses into flash properties, just like the ones in New York. This change was made to prepare for Robbing in these cities. If you already upgraded your properties to the maximum level in the old format, it will be carried over.

For instance, if you maxed out the Trafficking Operation in Moscow, it will have the maximum level in the revamped properties page, which is Level 30. For Cuba and Moscow, players are given new properties – Bodega for Cuba and Unlicensed Taxi Stand for Moscow. These new properties can’t be upgraded past level 1.

Now Mafia Wars players don’t have to go to New York to rob properties. Robbing can now be done in Bangkok, Cuba, and Moscow as well. Robbing in Bangkok can generate more Bahts to buy high end items.

Another new addition to Robbing is the Call for Backup feature. If you fail in robbing someone, you can call for backup using a Burner for a second chance. The number of Burners will depend on the player’s robbing Mastery Level.

These are just some new features Zynga brought into the Robbing feature of Mafia Wars. What are your thought about these new features?