Now Your Friends Can “Like” Your FarmVille Farm

Now Your Friends Can “Like” Your FarmVille Farm

I think I’m not the only person on Facebook who spends hours tweaking the looks of their FarmVille Farm – I am sure most of you do so and I’m also sure that most of you are completely delighted with your farm’s design. Well, starting today, your friends can Like your farm too if they consider it… well… likeable!

You probably haven’t noticed this new feature yet, but it’s there, as shown in the image to the left (click thumbnail to enlarge for a better view!). Just beneath each of your neighbors’ farm, there is a Like button you can click and therefore let your friends know that their work was not in vain.

However, have in mind to only “Like” the FarmVille farms that really deserve it: every time you’ll click the Like button, the farm in question will be added to your pages. And I’m sure you don’t want hundreds of farms there… right?

Either way, it’s a cool new little feature that will probably upset a few, but make even more proud. Does anybody like your farm yet?