Nightclub City is not one of the trickiest social games out there, but it doesn’t hurt to have a winning strategy to follow and make sure that you keep the cash flowing, the customers happy and the celebrities rolling in. In this post I will share with you a few tips and tricks to help you get ahead in Nightclub City, a strategy guide that will help you squeeze the most out of this great game.

The first thing you should do after creating your virtual club is to add as many as your friends as neighbors. Then start a DJ set (the genre doesn’t matter at all!) and start visiting your neighbors!

Visiting neighbors is an amazingly fast way to make some extra money: you receive around $1,000 at the beginning of your career for every set you play in your friends’ clubs – each set lasting 2 minutes. So you could be $5,000 richer in 10 minutes if you have enough neighbors. And money are of extreme importance in Nightclub City, as in real life.

Hire a bartender as soon as the level allows you, then hire a bouncer. Make sure you choose a boost for the barman (I usually prefer the Bar Trick to get extra money) and you Dedicate Song as a DJ to keep visitors happy.

Bring in celebrities as often as possible, but make sure you can keep the game running for at least 15 minutes to fully benefit from the popularity boost of the celebrity – if you close the game, the celebrity will disappear together with its temporary boost. On the other hand, if you don’t close the window or navigate elsewhere, the celebrity will stay in your club, spend money and boost popularity.

How to make fast cash in Nighclub City?

1) First of all, make sure you visit your friends and play sets there for at least a few thousands. Then, hire a bartender to serve the drinks with the bar trick boost – these and tips are your main source of income!
2) Also, make sure to always restock the drinks, but have in mind that you pay for 100 drinks no matter if you need 150 or just one. So keep an eye on the tanks and only fill it when there are 100 drinks or more needed.
3) Buy yourself a couple of Leather Booths as soon as possible. They give you higher revenues AND boost the club’s luxury rating.

How to keep the popularity levels high in Nightclub City?

1) Make sure that your customers are happy. Design your club in such a way that you have: enough space on the dance floor, enough bar space, enough sitting space (booths and regular chairs) and also, very important – an open space where people can socialize. Make sure you place your bouncer in that area, since that’s where all the fights will take place.
2) Always have a set running and use the Dedicate Song boost to keep your customers happy. Happy guests mean high popularity!
3) Bring in celebrities but have in mind the suggestions mentioned above: only invite them when you can keep your game’s tab open for at least 15 minutes, to fully benefit from the celebrity’s boost.
4) Keep a high luxury level by adding decorations and better equipment. Luxury levels increase your guests’ happiness and happy guests mean more popularity.
5) Finally, make sure to manually remove drunktards as often as possible to increase the happiness of guests around them!

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