Nightclub City is not one of the trickiest social games out there, but it doesn’t hurt to have a winning strategy to follow and make sure that you keep the cash flowing, the customers happy and the celebrities rolling in. In this post I will share with you a few tips and tricks to help you get ahead in Nightclub City, a strategy guide that will help you squeeze the most out of this great game.

The first thing you should do after creating your virtual club is to add as many as your friends as neighbors. Then start a DJ set (the genre doesn’t matter at all!) and start visiting your neighbors!

Visiting neighbors is an amazingly fast way to make some extra money: you receive around $1,000 at the beginning of your career for every set you play in your friends’ clubs – each set lasting 2 minutes. So you could be $5,000 richer in 10 minutes if you have enough neighbors. And money are of extreme importance in Nightclub City, as in real life.

Hire a bartender as soon as the level allows you, then hire a bouncer. Make sure you choose a boost for the barman (I usually prefer the Bar Trick to get extra money) and you Dedicate Song as a DJ to keep visitors happy.

Bring in celebrities as often as possible, but make sure you can keep the game running for at least 15 minutes to fully benefit from the popularity boost of the celebrity – if you close the game, the celebrity will disappear together with its temporary boost. On the other hand, if you don’t close the window or navigate elsewhere, the celebrity will stay in your club, spend money and boost popularity.

How to make fast cash in Nighclub City?

1) First of all, make sure you visit your friends and play sets there for at least a few thousands. Then, hire a bartender to serve the drinks with the bar trick boost – these and tips are your main source of income!
2) Also, make sure to always restock the drinks, but have in mind that you pay for 100 drinks no matter if you need 150 or just one. So keep an eye on the tanks and only fill it when there are 100 drinks or more needed.
3) Buy yourself a couple of Leather Booths as soon as possible. They give you higher revenues AND boost the club’s luxury rating.

How to keep the popularity levels high in Nightclub City?

1) Make sure that your customers are happy. Design your club in such a way that you have: enough space on the dance floor, enough bar space, enough sitting space (booths and regular chairs) and also, very important – an open space where people can socialize. Make sure you place your bouncer in that area, since that’s where all the fights will take place.
2) Always have a set running and use the Dedicate Song boost to keep your customers happy. Happy guests mean high popularity!
3) Bring in celebrities but have in mind the suggestions mentioned above: only invite them when you can keep your game’s tab open for at least 15 minutes, to fully benefit from the celebrity’s boost.
4) Keep a high luxury level by adding decorations and better equipment. Luxury levels increase your guests’ happiness and happy guests mean more popularity.
5) Finally, make sure to manually remove drunktards as often as possible to increase the happiness of guests around them!

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  1. If you have enough money, buy the three celebs at once. I know it’s “probably” common sense, but it tended to help me out as far as money and leveling up.

  2. 5) Finally, make sure to manually drunktards as often as possible to increase the happiness of guests around them!

    Manually what?

    • manually remove them they meant but they also spend a lot of money on drinks , the jerks remove them before they start trouble ..

    • oh btw, why doesn’t the celebrity visit increased when the celebrity came into my club uninvited? will that only increase if i invited/bought them?

    • drunktards in the game are implied as ‘party animals’ and when people puke they have that green emoticon on their head

    • They say nothing like scoring some free drinks when they sit down in a booth. They aren’t totally free though, they pay the booth price for all they can drink. They don’t pay the reserve price of the booth though, the person at the head of the table is the one who reserved it and only they pay the big bucks.

      Everyone eventually calls it a night, and saying what a blast is just a compliment to let you know they had a good time. :)

  3. They’re not referring to the actual size of the club, but the free space you have. So having an empty area (usually near the bars/chairs works bests) would solve this problem. Also make sure you have the bouncer there since most of the problems will happen in that socialization area :)

  4. 3) Bring in celebrities but have in mind the suggestions mentioned above: only invite them when you can keep your game’s tab open for at least 15 minutes, to fully benefit from the celebrity’s boost.

    gudpm ^_^ can i visit other clubs while the celebrities are in my club? or will that earn me less money?

    • OK buy 20 celebraties, i know it sounds bad but you earn 2 achievments plus at the end of both achievments you have earned 1.5 million dollors!

  5. Elle, I once visited a neighbor and when I returned the celebrities were gone, so I did not risk to do that again :)

    • I did that and my popularity plumetted, I think you make more money having a drunk sick celebrity (plus most people in the club don’t mind) than having a drunk sick drunk lol.

  6. Is there a way to increase the cover charge that my guests pay? is it based on what level you are at in the game??

    • I think, it is based upon how much they tip (high rollers are good for this) and their happiness levels, aswell as the luxury of your club. Make sure you have a good luxury rating if not get more decorations more more interior decorations to make it higher.

  7. i know an AMAZING trick, its so good that ive got around 100,000 and im only level 13. all you need to do is (does NOT matter how many neighbours u have):
    1. go to each neighbour, refill their drinks and DJ for just 2 minutes.
    2. refresh the game, and do it again! (make sure after u have visited all ur neighbours that uve gone back to ur club and SAVED otherwise i dont think it will work)
    hope i hepled! happy nightclubbing!

    • i know a easier way,just go to your friends place then refill drink,then press home,then do it again and again,it only works if you have a good computer good luck=)

  8. Hizzle, it means that the person who’s saying this sat down on a couch that was reserved by somebody else (and therefore they’re scoring some free drinks) :)

  9. Make celebrities regulars. After you’ve booked a celebrity 3 times they become a regular and start showing up randomly which boosts popularity and makes you more money from drinks and cover charges. If I leave the game open long enough I get about 6 or 7 celebrities. Also, continually upgrade your bars and booths. Every couple levels I replace my bars and booths with new, more expensive ones.

  10. I have a question. Under the category of entertainment in the redecorate box, there are people like astro girl, tina and gina (dancers) if you buy them, will they stay at your club forever?

  11. why is it a friend of mine on a lower level & lower luxury is making 16 on door entry but mine is 14…doesn’t make sense!

    • Sometimes, it depends on the popularity on your club but there’s nothing else you can you can do about it all you need to do is try and get your popularity higher….

  12. go to ur neighbors club and refill there drinks and be a dj, then do something to save ur game and refresh…u can go back and refill again to get more money hope it works 4 u like it did 4 me :D

    peace out suckas! lol

  13. If you got a bouncer, you click on your bouncer click remove person (or whatever it said) then click on the person you want removed ;)

  14. hey, this new patch make me confused…. i don’t know hot to make people fight or in love.. also i don’t know how to get ladies night in my club? can you help me???

  15. you hafta spend ALOT of time trying to kick out every singal male. easiest to wait till you can hire more employees and have a few body gaurds. idk why but its easier to kick out all women and get the all male club bonus.

  16. Marisa, to increase your drinks you need to buy some drink boosts which cost quite alot but now you get the new achievements you can earn the drink boosts for doing certain jobs and another way to increase your drink supplies is to buy new bars they give you drink boosts also…

  17. Linnea, it’s simple all you need is yourself below your leveling up progress you will see a DJ disc click on that and pick a genre (it doesn’t matter which one at all!!) and it depends how much hours your DJ system goes on for reply back on which DJ system you have…

  18. in my opinion u dont have to sell tiles,.its just too cheap to sell,.and u only get 50% from selling,.i just keep them in my inventory,.

  19. well at first i tried to kick all the guys out but that didnt work and then when i didnt try at all i had an all girls party without doing anything! then i had a bigger one. the same day i held an all boys party. weird right?

  20. Is there anyway, besides real money, to expand your club if you have less then ten friends? You can only expand so many times then you need to have at least ten friends from what I can see……?

    • i read in a comment up here! that we have to kick al the girls or all da guys depend on what party guest u want to have but that spend to much time ! u have to kick it with da bouncers! i tried and its hard u.u :S

    • that’s what i did.. i kicked all the boys out for the all girl party… it was kinda hard… i switched all my workers to bouncers just to keep up with the kicking.. =)

  21. I have a question. As Nightclub city has just added the Achievements. It’s sorta like quest. So there’s this one quest, it’s called Ladies Night Bronze, where I need to have an all girl party with 8 quest. And another quest is called Sausage Fest Bronze, where I need to have an all guy party with 8 guest. What do I need to do to complete this task ?

    • for the girls, kick out all boys until u have a minimum of 8 girls.,

      for the boys, kick out all the girls until you have the certain number needed to achieve it,. there is no order in completing the tasks.,its up to you which one to go first.,
      (go for the sausage fest(boys)) first its easier.,since majority of the guests are males,.=)

    • Thanks Chongs i needed help with that two there is another wuestion i have, im a level 24 with a club worth just over 9 million dollars and so on im stuck on an achievment where you have to get a guest’s happiness to 2,000 now i can only get one to 1,000 any help, i have money to but anything in the store if any of that helps :)

    • damn i have da same question of 2000 happiness i only get 1000 of happiness .:S and to earn 100 tip of one guest thats a problem for me too i spend much time and idont know how to earn it! can help me on both? :( xD

    • For the 2000 happiness, just fin a really happy guest and keep dedicating a song to them, dont loose them though. It takes a long time but you’ll get there and after you get to 2000happiness keep doin it and they’ll soon give you a brilliant tip :)

  22. The 100 dollar tip is pretty simple i think, just keep dedacating songs to one certain person, when hes at the bar get your bar staff to all do bar tricks to get the tip x2 or depending on how many staff you have sorry im not the best at explaninig anyway try this out :)

    • Try to get a celebrity into your club and keep dedicating songs to them, they stay longer than a normal guest, i got the 500 tip from backelor bob, and to speed it up, keep doing the 1st party, happy hour, that has x3 tip rate to speed things along

  23. Just keep at it mate :) if it doesnt work im sorry :| anyways is there anyway you could visit my club i need some help on it :P

    • guys for those who have questions about how to achieve the 2000 happiness.,
      Im not really sure on this so you may or may not follow.,
      I think you have to be lvl 30 and move ur place to Las Vegas or New York in order to gain 2000 happiness.,its just a guess though.,because it was the same time nightclub city updated the game with the new york/vegas locations and the time that achievement was available.,transferring might really be an effect.,just a guess though guys.,=)

    • u cant get 2000 happiness or anything over 100 happiness caz they are still developing the game or it is a bug that they have to fix

    • I did it on level 10!!!!!!take a party animal and keep dedacating songs to him……then make things like drop bass or other things to make him happy…if youre lucky he will stay long enough in the club….you can also do that on a famous….

    • There is a way easier way to get 2000 happiness. you find a person who owns there own club so you can dedicate songs AND wink and send drinks then you use them all up and it shouldnt be that hard to get to 2000 it worked for me injust 5 MINUTES

    • Not sure. I got to 1000 by winking/sending a drink to someone in my club…but I can’t get higher than that either.

    • I’m on level 13 and got a high roller with over 4000 happiness. All I know is that while he’s sitting at the head of a booth, I continually dedicate songs to him. As far as collecting the tip, I’m not sure how to do that because it still shows he paid $762, the same as when he walked in.

    • Do the regular things like dropping the bass & dedicating songs. Make sure the person you choose is sitting in a booth, because customer’s happiness falls down a lot if they can’t get drinks.

    • try sendin winks and drinks to a member of night club city then keep dedicating songs to them and bass drops and that should increase their happiness

  24. The diffrence is the people who visist i think, such as in new york more jerks but higher drink prices and entry fee where as in las vegas huge amount of party animals and highrollers ready to blow there money in your club :D hope i helped

  25. I wonder if it has to do with how big your drink capacity is. I’ve noticed that I can restock more now than I could in the beginning so I wonder if the two are somehow related.

  26. If it were up to you, what changes or additions would you like to see in the game?

    Here are a few on my list:
    1. A quicker way to lay down flooring.
    2. An option to empty the club from furniture WITHOUT clearing the flooring.
    3. The option to select the colors of your furniture/items (much like you can select the color of hair, clothing, etc.)
    4. More stuff to buy – a better variety in themes and colors
    5. More expansion possibilities. What happens when you reach level 60?!

  27. hey, maybe its not just an expansion you need, i thought it was but didnt help me but my other reason was i had too much dance floor, maybe the same for you… hope this has helped you :)

  28. here is the best tip eva it only works one time but

    go for eny random dude in your club (helps if its a celb or high rolla)keep on dedacating the song to them till thay get 1000 happyness i know it takes time but its time u have then u will get this big cat thing sell it then get as menny celebs in whith that money till u reach 20 nd when u end up whith 20 u have just got 1.5 mill hope ull be happy whith that cos if uv just started the game nd like lev 5 or sumet then ull be epic happy

    • It’s rather hard & need patience!
      – Enough ground (floor), best on 3 or 4 areas.
      – Dont have many chairs or booths, coz they just sit & not stand to talk for love :))
      – Kick jerks & party animal coz have no love, just fighting and puke.
      – Not too many bars, dont bass-drop much.

  29. What happened to all the jerks, party animals and dancers??????? There are a bunch of achievements that everyone needs to do that need jerks………

  30. if i’m not mistaken, everyone one has a limited number of “restock” daily. so you’ll have to do it when your “restocks” are still full and get the achievements in one session. Even if you close your browser (end your session), the same time you login again on the same day, the number of “restocks” left are exactly the number you left proviously.

    One thing i’m not sure of is whether the “restocks” is added every hour or so. Hope i help.

  31. I’m level 31 and have 51 regular celebs, that used to just come in without being booked… but since they changed it yesterday so that you can book parties, none of my regulars are coming in any more, so my happiness level is way down on what it would be. Is anyone else having this problem?

    • Hi JT….Maybe its a glitch since they did the update? I hope so, will wait and see if it sorts itself out.

    • I’m in Vegas and have been having the same problem. Ever since they added the party option, I have had almost no celebs. My club used to be full of them!

    • I’m in new york and the only celebs i get now are the ones you pay for, no regulars at all! At least its not just me. Hope they sort it out!

  32. You have to make sure you have a big open space (no dance floor, furniture, decorations, just floor tile. Guests will gather there and start fighting/fall in love.

    • click on your bartenders on the double up settings it makes your bartender serve drinks at double speed also drop bass a lot and dedicate songs is a good way

  33. buy more drinks and get more booths….and have a dj system that last long…..thats how i earned i achieved level 27 in a week…..and remember kaap your guests happy :)

  34. I picked a person in my club with a happiness of 400 and I kept dropping the bass AND kept clicking the “choose an unhappy guest to cheer up botton” on him and after 8 min I reached 2000

    • Drop the bass, keep party animals and celebrities, they tend to drink a lot. Also make the bartenders serve faster when you click on them. Hope this helps :)

  35. Does anyone know how to get the all male/female party? I tried getting all my bartenders into bouncers and kicking all the guys out, but it didn’t work :( If I didn’t put music and made my club bad(no free space, too crowded)would that help me? Also, does anyone know a forum with Night club city hints and stuff? THANKS ^_^

  36. i get level 12 in 1 day. last night 11:30 until 1:45am. Resume this morning 10:30 until 8:20pm. Drop the bass, party, celebrities continuosly does help. i just let the game running by itself. Not 24hour monitoring.

  37. no. im on level 32 and my club is neither in vegas or NY….and i already got 2000 happiness already….it takes time u just have to wait and here’s a trick. TIP: try it on a party animal … it works cuz they stay longer at your club

  38. If you wanna get your popularity up fast at early/late levels if you come back after your character stops DJ-ing, follow these steps.

    -Refill on drinks
    -Wait until alot of people come
    -Use the Bass Drop ability

    This not only boosts drink sales and bumps up your popularity, it also increases tip rate of the guests and the happiness!

    • Each party has a type: blue for themed, red for celebrity, green for music. When you finish a party, you get a certain number of points in that type, which lets you unlock other parties of the same type.

    • There is only room at your bar for one person per bar. If a slot is reserved for a guest buying and drinking their drink, and another guest wants a drink, they are not happy and say that.

  39. I am trying to complete La French Party and I have to get people to dance, I have atleast 15 people dancing on the dancefloor but it says on the progress that only 1 person has been dancing. Anyone have any advice?

  40. How 2 get 200 happiness??!
    just focus on 1 customer….
    then dedicate him/her songs until it gets to 2000…
    & also drop the bass…

  41. to make them fight/fall in love,don’t hire bouncer and don’t play songs,they don’t know what to they will fight/fall in love

    it takes lots of time to make 200 bass drops,2 hours at least

  42. anyone know how to increase celerity happiness during the parties. I have tried dedicating songs to them and others, but i keep getting 0 to very low on celeb happiness on party meter

  43. Achievements :” have 50 guests fight in one session ” ,, any clue to make guests fighting each other?it’s hard to get Gold thropy :'(

    • problem solved :

      * put all Bar Tables into inventory (don’t sell any drinks and don’t play the music) , :D

  44. Hey im on level 12 and i have nearly $700,000 (thanks to won of my items i sold for $600,000) and i want to make $5 million fast, in order to buy New York location. Can anyone give me easy ideas to make it go fast. I already know all the stuff about neighbors, keeping people happy, achievements, etc. Is there any way that has not already been covered to make big bucks fast?

    • buy facebook credits, purchase high priced items then sell them. I’m at $6mill but I dont have alot of friends so when you get so much money made you cant buy some of the decors you have to have so many friends to purchase and it goes from 3-37 friends per item. I only have two. If I don’t get any more I will have to quit the game

  45. On club upgrades its like locked and then says level 9 and then when i become level 9 its gone like for ex (thers this thing that sais club expansion 15×13 and its for level 17 so then when i become level 17 its gone why…

  46. Okay I just need more friends in order to continue to decorate my club. I don’t like that part of the game. I only have two friends and none of my other friends play this game. I love it though. Look me up on face and be my friend

  47. to get a bouncer you need to be able to hire two friends.
    When you hire the second one, open up the menu at the bot right again, and look at the window. There should be a black rectangle on each of the friends tags and they say switch to bouncer…. Switch one to bouncer and youre set.

  48. whats the best way to get the House of Bling Gold – Get your luxury value to 100,000 and Talk of the Town Gold – Get your club’s Popularity score to 10,000 and Money in the Bank Gold – Save up $50,000,000 for a rainy day achievements.?

  49. how do you save up for a rainy day? i have a whole bunch of money and want the accomplishment plus when i have 500 000 i can buy a few celebs to make 1.5 mill…

  50. the guests glow when they are happy however i find the best way to profit to spam the Dj for Bass! ,Bartenders for Bar Tricks! and once in a while do some dedicated songs to the high rollers and last of all if your Booths are Full.. you can click the Redecorate “buy menu” and go back to the game and you will see that your guests have abandoned the booths fully paid for and if you have couple of bounchers ready to do some work you can load them again with some high rollers and VipS.. im at lvl 21 played for a week or so now and im working on a million$ to get the 20 celebs silver,gold achievment for 1,5Mill$ profit :)

  51. Everytime I try to click my bouncer to get rid of the drunks, the only thing that pops up is “end shift door 3 sugar?” and then it asks me if I want to turn off my notifications!? Heeelp!
    also, how do I get celebrities to dome to my club? And what do I do at other people’s clubs??
    I’m such a newbie. :$

    • the first thing with the bouncers must be a problem carmen.
      to get celebrities you have to buy them…once you’ve bought them 3 times they will start to come, but mine only come to mainstreet bar.
      when you go to others clubs you guest dj and if there bar is empty you can replenish it for a bonus…the higher your level the more money you will earn to guest dj at their club.

  52. let the party animals puke as many times as you can without letting the bouncers kick them out, and see how much money you will make!!!
    also, when a vip says let it rain, dedicate a song to them and don’t click their high five…once they reach 2000 happiness you will get a one time big bonus, then later a larger bonus everytime you dedicate a song to them.

  53. How do you change the walls??? I really need to, my club looks really bad without them changed!! =(

    Please answer, and make it simple pleeeease !!

  54. I am on level 66.I filled all the stars on my clubs on level 64,but nothing seems to be happening,apart from me going round the clubs,stocking bars,filling seats,DJing etc.I have $300,000,000 to spend and cant buy any more clubs.I have 2 empty spaces leading from the Tron club,but it wont let me buy anymore!!!I thought it would have let me buy a club,after finishing level 64,but no joy.What do I do next,PLEASE help!!!!I dont want to give up,after playing it for so long.

  55. wew, i’m trying to buy club cash in nightclub story but everytime I tap the add button, nothing happens. how can i buy real cash? i need it, please help me.. :(

  56. how do i gift all of my items?

    i dont play the game that much so i want to give all my items to people who still play. but how do i do that? please help, i have some really nice items and i dont want them to go to waste.


  57. So does anyone know how to gift your own items to other people? I don’t play the game so I would love to give my items away to people who would like them.

    Please let me know!


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