A new limited offer has been introduced today by Zynga: FarmVille players can purchase FarmVille Fuel for regular coins, at really low prices, too, only if you manage to successfully complete a co-op farming challenge. It sounds to good to be true? Yes, but it’s not: we can get fuel for coins!

However, you have to unlock this new feature. So if you wonder how to unlock the Fuel for Coins limited offer, here’s what to do: first off, you need to be level 20 or higher. Next, you must earn a NEW medal in a Co-op farming event: it does not matter which farming event it is, nor what medal you get. But it has to be a new medal, so it doesn’t matter if in the past you’ve won one or sixteen medals.

After you finish the new co-op, you will unlock the option to purchase FarmVille fuel for coins at the following prices:

1 Fuel Refill – 10,000 coins
5 Fuel Refills – 50,000 coins

You are limited to purchase one of each refills per day, which means that for a limited time (Zynga didn’t announce when the event will end) you will be able to purchase 6 extra cans of fuel per day. Which is quite enough!

What do you think about this hot offer from Zynga? Like it or not?


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