You might have seen the pop up that announced the Must Play Weekend Event but the reason for playing Mafia Wars during this weekend was not elaborated. Finally there’s official word to what is in store this weekend.

Starting July 3 Mafia Wars players have the chance to loot Vegas Chips. These chips will be used in Las Vegas and getting them will give you the advantage once the city goes live.

Then on Sunday and Monday will be a special double-double event to celebrate Mafia War’s 2nd year anniversary. Players get twice the mastery for doing jobs and twice the loot when fighting in any city in Mafia Wars.

This is an opportunity for players to get the best Animals, Weapons, Armors and Vehicle to equip their Mafia members in preparation for Las Vegas’ launch. Also this is the time to complete jobs in Bangkok, Cuba, New York and Moscow before Las Vegas opens to the public.

Mafia Wars players should definitely play this weekend. Plus there’s the Gone in 60 Hours event where you can build a Future Shock 1985 every 12 hours.