Mafia Wars Gone in 60 Hours Event

Mafia Wars Gone in 60 Hours Event

Gone in 60 Hours is an event that’s part of Mafia Wars Second Year Anniversary celebration. It is a Chop Shop event where you can build twice as many cars from your chop shop in one day. Yes, you read that right. You can build one car every twelve hours. This event is available for 60 hours starting this weekend.

Also part of the Gone in 60 Hours event, Mafia Wars is giving out a free Chop Shop Upgrade. If you haven’t constructed your Chop Shop, you’ll have enough materials to start one.

But what is exciting about the Gone in 60 Hours event is the limited-edition Future Shock 1985 (55 Attack 45 Defense) that you can build. Not only does it have nice stats, it also provides bonus health, stamina and energy. All Chop Shops can build one although Zynga hasn’t released the materials needed to make one but my guess is that you need to stack on Solar Panels for this one.

New players can take advantage of the Gone in 60 Hours to start their Chop Shops. It is also the time to pimp up your garage with high end vehicles.