Frontierville lets you hire your neighbors to do tasks in your homestead but you can only hire two friends per day. Hiring a friend makes you do more tasks when you’re low on energy.

When you hire a neighbor, you’ll pay them 50 Coins and in return you’ll receive experience according to the amount of reputation they have. The cost of hiring your neighbors maybe more than the coins you’ll receive from their actions so you must think about what area of your homestead you want them to work on.

To maximize your 50 coins, hire your neighbor to harvest your crops or fruit trees. For maximum payout, group your fruit trees in a bunch so that a single hired hand can harvest all of them. The secret is also to get all of the bonus coins and/or food so that your bonus meter will increase and you’ll get additional coins in the process.

If you planted a lot of crops, hired neighbors can harvest six at most. Two hired friends can harvest twelve crops. That would have meant twelve energy used. That’s a lot of savings and you can do more chores in your homestead with the extra energy.