Counterfeit Tickets are required to complete jobs in South Africa. We still have a few more hours before Challenge Mission: South Africa Chapter 1 unlocks but players can collect Counterfeit Tickets from doing jobs, fighting and robbing in other cities. You can also get them from the Challenge Mission page or purchase them from the Marketplace.

Zynga now gives you the opportunity to give out Counterfeit Tickets through the Free Gifting page. You can send one to forty of your mafia members daily and hopefully at least five of them gives one back. You can only receive five Counterfeit Tickets in a day.

Another way of getting ready for the launch of Challenge Mission: South Africa is to add seven new mafia members to your crew. Each member of your crew earns you a one-time bonus of Counterfeit Tickets, plus the more crew you have the greater amount of Counterfeit Tickets you’ll receive each day.

Fix The Biggest Game will be easy if you got lots of Counterfeit Tickets in your inventory. Be sure to play this weekend because loots from jobs and fights are doubled, giving you a chance to loot two Counterfeit Tickets at a time.