At first you might dismiss the Tend Here and Hands Off signs as nothing. You might ask why buy the two signs at all. Actually these items are not only there for aesthetic reasons; they have a purpose as well.

The Tend Here sign gives your neighbors the authority to work on the crops. This is ideal when you planted Cotton, which takes four days to grow before you can harvest it. For every neighbor that works on your cotton, a fraction of the waiting time is taken off. That means you can harvest it faster.

The opposite is true for the Hands Off sign. There are some goals where you need to harvest your own crop. Placing the Hands Off sign might ward away your neighbors from the crops and work on other parts of your frontier town.

You can buy the Tend Here and Hands Off signs from the Market in Frontierville. A sign costs 2 Horseshoes. These can notify your neighbors on what needs to be worked on in your farm and what needs to be avoided although there’s no guarantee that your friends will follow the signs.