Now Mafia Wars players can make their own armors through the newest New York property. The Armory is right beside the Chop Shop and the Weapons Depot. Through the Armory you can make new Armors such as Plastic Legging, Mariner’s Suit, Pressure Suit, Sleek Torso Guard, Full Body Armor, MNU Suit, and a Power Armor.

Just like the Chop Shop and Weapons Depot, you’ll need lots of Armory construction parts to level it up to the max, which is Level 10. The building materials needed for the Armory are Hammer, Rivet, Furnace, Vice, and Anvil. You can either ask your friends for the parts or buy them with RP.

To build an Armor in the Armory, players need to Armor parts. There are other armors that require special parts such as Bio-Monitor and for the MNU Suit and Micro-Fission Cell for the Power Armor. As of today, the normal Armor Parts still don’t drop from doing jobs or fighting but the special parts already do.

Now we can make Vehicles, Weapons and Armors in Mafia Wars. Will animals be next?