Starting today, Frontierville is offering a tasty deal that players will have a hard time to refuse. It is offering a free meal every day. This meal is mailed to your registered email daily. It’s like the free fuel in Farmville promo.

When you log into Frontierville starting today, you’ll receive a letter from the Shears, Nubuck, and Co. It gives you the opportunity to sign up for their meal deal that will be delivered to your email. You have to receive the meal immediately or else it will expire.

If you don’t accept the deal at that moment, you can still sign up to receive free meals every day by e-mail by going to the Market. Just look for the Meal Deal under the Special tab.

There’s no word as to how long the Meal Deal will be offered but it is definitely a big help for Frontierville players.

Do you think that a free meal daily is worth giving your e-mail to Zynga? What are your thoughts about this new promo in Frontierville?