Now Frontierville players can organize the way Missions are seen on the right side of the game scene. That is if you still have any goals left to accomplish.

To access the Missions page, click on the My Stuff icon at the lower right side of the screen. Then click on the Missions Icon. This will open the Missions Page.

When on the Missions page, you can click on a Mission to view your progress. This is advantageous for Frontierville players with more than five Missions. This way they can keep tabs on all their Missions in a single page.

In the Missions page, you can also arrange the way your Missions are seen in the game screen. When in the Missions page, hover over a mission and click on the left or right arrows to move it down or up the list. Now you can control what you can see in the game.

This is a good feature for new players but for high level players, this is kind of unnecessary because they don’t have any goal to arrange. Give us new Missions Zynga please.