Getting to many mystery boxes in FarmVille already? Or maybe too many wooden boards you no longer need? If you don’t want to sell them, you can re-gift them to your friends and maybe help them a lot!

This new FarmVille feature has just been introduced and you can see it if you open your gift box – under specific items there is a re-gift button which you can click and, depending on the number of items you have, you can select to send one or all to your FarmVille neighbors.

After clicking the re-gift button, you will be asked how many items you want to share and after clicking the red button, you will post a message on your wall allowing your neighbors to get the items.

Unfortunately, not all the items in FarmVille can be regifted. Here’s list of those you have to use one way or another:

– Special Delivery
– Mystery Eggs
– Farmhands
– Fertilize all
– Free XP
– Fuel Cans

Still… a pretty nice feature, don’t you agree?