Zynga’s charitable event to raise funds for a new school in Haiti via FarmVille is also providing a lot of new and cool content to the players: one of them is the limited edition co-op job Sowing Seeds for Haiti, which can only be started until the 2nd of October this year. Here are the requirements for the Co-opp Job:

– Gold Reward: Harvest 1,000 Sweet Beets in 23 hours and 2 minutes
– Silver Reward: Harvest 1,000 Sweet Beets in 1 days and 11 hours
– Bronze Reward: Harvest 1,000 Sweet Beets in 2 days and 10 hours

If you manage to finish the Sowing Seed for Haiti job in time to win the Gold Reward, you will also win a limited edition vehicle, the green Haiti Seeder (which is not available for purchase in the Market).

How to unlock the Sweet Beets in FarmVille?

You must purchase a license to plant these crops for Farm Cash (25 Farm Cash for a 7-days license), but all the money you give are donated to the Haiti school. So if you want to be able to complete this job it would be best if you had unlocked the Sweet Beets before!

Will you try to complete the Sowing Seeds for Haiti goal in FarmVille?