I have already told you that Zynga is raising some funds to build another school in Haiti, and one way to help without spending any real money is via the Haiti School Backpack in the game – in this article I will share with you all the information about this new item which also awards players with all sorts of goodies!

When you start the game, you receive the Backpack for free and can place it anywhere on the farm (if you miss the pop-up, you will find the Haiti Backpack in your inventory). Then, if you click the new item and select “look inside” you can start using it: there, it shows your progress in accumulating School Supplies and has buttons for the Rewards section, a Comparison window with your neighbors, information about the School, and an option to Ask or Buy School Supplies.

The more School Supplies you accumulate, the higher the book stack gets in the Backpack. As you gather more School Supplies you’ll also “graduate” to higher school levels and earn a new title. For instance, starting out with 0 School Supplies you’ll be in the “Pre-School” group.

You can see that you have the option of redeeming School Supplies for some new items (note that this doesn’t take away from the Total amount of School Supplies you’ve acquired). For 10 Supplies you can get this Haiti Flag, for example. Here is the full list of prizes you can redeem from the Haiti backpack:

– Haiti Flag (10 Supplies)
– Schooled Ewe (20 Supplies)
– Student Gnome (30 Supplies)
– Tap Tap Bus (50 Supplies)
– School Seesaw (75 Supplies)
– School House (150 Supplies)

In order to get more supplies for your backpack in FarmVille, you can ask your friends for more by posting on your Facebook Wall, or you can purchase 5 supplies for 5 Farm Cash (you can do this as many times as you wish). It’s also worth noting that when 400 million supplies sent mark will be met, Zynga themselves will donate $100,000 for the School of Choice in Haiti, so being active on this one is a good way of being helpful!