Personally, I have never felt the need for storage in Treasure Isle, but yet again there are certainly more active players than myself who have tons of decorations on their islands and they have no idea what to do with them – and selling is not an option! For them, Zynga has introduced in the game David Jones’ Locker where you can store items.

Fortunately, the new item does not follow the latest Treasure Isle trends, meaning that you don’t have to build it before you can use it, but there’s a catch here too: at first, you can only store a maximum of 5 items in the locker, but fortunately you can expand the limits.

You can expand your Treasure Isle storage limits by spending 20 TI Cash or by adding more friends. Unfortunately, I don’t have the information yet regarding the number of new neighbors you need to add, how much storage space will you get and how many times can the storage be expanded…

In order to move an item to the David Jones’ Locker, all you have to do is select the move tool, click on the item you want to move and then click once again on the Locker. And that’s it!

Will you use the new storage feature in Treasure Isle?