The latest gadget any Cafe World chef should have is the Captain Super Stove, an amazing new product that turns all your stoves into super, one click stoves. Now that’s something you really must complete in time in order to help you around the cafe! So read on to find out everything about the Captain Super Stove in Cafe World!

So, once again, what is Captain Super Stove? It is a new decorative item that can be build with the help of your friends and which will turn all the existing stoves in your cafe, for one week, into super one-click stoves, meaning that you won’t have to click more than once in order to cook a dish!

How to build the Captain Super Stove in Cafe World?
Click the Functional icon in the game bar, then select the diamond-like icon: there you will have the option to build the Captain Super Stove (or purchase it for 100 Cafe Cash). If you decide to build it, you will need items sent to you by your friends. The items are:

– 12 Afterburner Grills
– 12 Poly-steel Planting
– 12 Carbon Chips
– 14 Turbo Tech Knobs

These Captain Super Stove parts can be sent in by friends who will receive from you an assembly request. After completing it, you will have a fully functional new item that will certainly prove to be very helpful.

IMPORTANT! The Captain Super Stove is only “charged” for 7 days of use after completing it (or purchasing it), meaning that after 7 days you will have to pay 20 Cafe Cash in order to recharge it for 7 more days, and so on.

Will you be building the Captain Super Stove in Cafe World?