League’s creative team is at it again. Not satisfied with simply telling its populace about the arrival of champions via email or blog postings, Riot has decided to take another, much more fun approach.

Just recently, it seems one of the League’s champions has had their profile vandalized, as you can see in the photo to the left and the one below! Tattered in bright pink graffiti, and riddled with insults, someone seems to have a hatred for The Piltover Enforcer, Vi. Check it out here at Vi’s Profile.

Although there is no information in regards to the stats or physical appearance of the new champion (simply referred to at the moment as Champion #116), one thing is for sure– The Enforcer better keep her eyes open!

Luckily enough, with a bit of prodding and searching through the game’s internal files, it has been discovered that the name of our new champion is– Jinx.

Aside from making a wonderful game, Riot has such an amazing way to build hype. Simply by the choice of insults and childish behavior, I predict personally that Jinx will be League’s version of Harley Quinn (Batman). Silly, clumsy, and at the same time– deadly.