hals-rifleIt appears that Lionhead teamed up with Bungie to bring Fable and Halo fans a huge surprise with the release of the Knothole Island expansion pack for Fable II: a Halo assault rifle which can be purchased from “The Box of Secrets” shop in exchange of some experience. And since you’re trading your character’s XP for a cool in-game experience, I say it’s totally worth the deal!

Appropriately named Hals Rifle, the assault rifle which was reported on the Halo 3 boards (that’s where we got the image too) goes perfectly with the limited edition of Master Chief outfit, for a complete game-mixing experience. However, since a weapon is kind of useless without some good stats, here are the reported ones for the new Fable II rifle:

– 59 damage (per shot)
– 24 shots per clip
– Range of 50
– An empty augment clip

Seems to be a really cool addition and I am sure that all Xbox 360 fans will be happy with Lionhead’s surprise.