Most gamers have their preference when it comes to playing using a controller or a keyboard. But those who are into gaming for the first time may have a tough time deciding which one to use. Both of them has pros and cons. So, if you can’t decide, follow the guide below.

Using a controller

Gamers usually use controllers for console gaming. However, many PC gamers also use controllers because of one reason: portability. Those who have a habit of using wireless controllers will understand how comfortable these gadgets get when they have to travel to their friend’s place to play FIFA. Moreover, you can’t use a keyboard while relaxing on a couch and playing a game on your computer or TV.

Controllers, especially the wireless ones, allow you to play from a distance. Whether you are on the couch, bed, or floor, as long as you can see the characters on the display screen, you don’t have to worry about operating them. Most importantly, the ergonomic design of controllers makes it comfortable for you to play for hours. Those who have the tendency to hit caps lock accidentally will find it easier to play using a controller.

Using a keyboard

Gaming keyboards and mice are also favoriting among gamers who stay hooked to first-person shooter games. These devices provide pinpoint accuracy that you may not achieve while using a controller. Many games offer coins, gems, and free gift cards that allow players to level up their game. A keyboard and mouse setup will help you look for these bonuses quickly. Whether they are in the corner or behind your back, a quick look around your location will tell you where and how to find these items.

Customization is another reason why many gamers prefer using keyboards. You can change the keys performing different actions depending on your convenience. For example, if A, S, D, E, perform a set of functions, but you want to use C, V, B, G, all you need to do is change the functions in the settings. Sometimes gamers participate in gaming tournaments where hundreds of bucks are at stake. If they don’t use the device, they are comfortable with, they may lose the tournament altogether. That is why comfort is the key here.

Deciding according to the game

Ideally, you should choose from keyboards and controllers according to the game you want to play. If you mostly play arcade-style games, sports, racing, and fighting games, a controller is imminent. They provide more control and portability while playing. On the other hand, if you only play shooting games where you require pinpoint accuracy, then go for a keyboard and mouse setup.

So, it all depends on you and the type of game you want to play. Make sure that you are satisfied with whichever device you choose. Many players play better while using controllers even if the game demands a keyboard and mouse. Judge the game and then decide which device suits it best. That will make you a pro gamer quickly.

Image Source: techconnectmagazine