Hudson brings us a very interesting game concept with Job Island, a Wii exclusive title which challenges you to save the world by using totally different means than those of a classic save-the-world game: by raising money! And, as you all know, money are raised by taking a job. I know it doesn’t sound like the coolest thing in the world, but it is!

Formerly known as Hard Working People, the game was renamed following Sports Island’s success, since the two titles bring minigame collections. In Job Island, the story is pretty simple: a series of huge meteors are going to hit Earth and destroy it and it’s up for you to save the planet by enrolling for Job Island and raising cash. You’ll have to master 50 different types of jobs in order to raise enough cash to buy the needed items to blast the meteors away.

A total of 30 minigames are available from start in Job Island, but you’ll unlock more as you go through the Story Mode. Hudson promises that this family friendly title will provide tons of fun and excitement to the entire family, especially because it features a two player vs. mode. So get ready to grab the Wiimote and start shaking it to save the world. You’ve got a lot of time to practice, too: Job Island will be released in March 2009.

Here are a few more Job Island images: