One of the most pleasant surprises this year in the gaming world, Katauri’s King Bounty: The Legend will thrill its growing number of fans with the first add-on (named Armored Princess) representing a huge content infusion and the introduction of a playable female hero, Princess Amelie. A new story to follow, new reasons of joy for RPG fans.

King’s Bounty: Armored Princess introduces the world of Teana and gives us the quest of finding Princess Amelie’s tutor, knight Bill Gilbert. We’ll meet a brand new creature race, the bloodthirsty Pangolins, and we’ll also welcome the introduction of new skills for our hero (including the ability to fly!). Also our princess will have a pet following her, a Dragon that gathers experience throughout the game!

Add to that new unique bosses, tons of new monsters to defeat, brand new spells to cast and the ability to reach level 50 with your hero and you’ll understand that Armored Princess is a really promising add-on. However, it is unclear for the moment when we’ll be seeing this one released but I’m sure everybody agrees that the sooner it’s done, the better.

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