japan-gamersAlthough it appears that the crisis does not fully affect the video games industry (take the impressive Xbox 360 sales as an example), it’s just an illusion. For example, Japanese sales declined in 2008, ending the year 15% down from the previous year. Analysts are unsure if sales will keep falling throughout this year as well.

The biggest drop in Japan was recorded by hardware sales which dropped no less than 23.5%, while software sales declined 7.9%. However, we’re still talking about an overall market value of about 580 billion in 2008, according to data presented by CVG.

The report also says that one of the most important reasons for the recorded fall in Japanese sales in the gaming industry is the Yen value which is damaging exports to Western markets. And I always though that having a strong value is good for a country…

[Image credits: jplaystation]