This week comes with an eastern theme in Restaurant City: the Bazaar Extravaganza that delivers a set of cool new decorations for our restaurants, plus some other tweaks to the game that will make the overall experience even better (yes, apparently that is possible!)

On the exterior of your restaurants this week you will find all the items needed to create the look of a Persian palace: Imperial Roof and Tile, a Persian Entrance, Tower and Window, and you’ll be able to decorate the inside of your restaurant as well and get it ready for the new visitors with tons of new decorations.

There are also two new Persian themed characters this week, the Humble Waiter and Hookah Customer. Please make sure to seat your Hookah Customer in the smoking section of your restaurants to satisfy those who don’t enjoying participating puffing on the hookah!

There are also four new recipes to master starting this week, Doner Kebab, Moroccan Lamb Shank, Falafel and Mint Tea, already some of my favorite dishes, to be honest!

A great update in Restaurant City!