I’m sure that after you’ve noticed that in the Mafia Wars marketplace there is a new mystery item to be purchased: the Swamp Crate, you started wondering what’s inside the Swamp Crates and decided to check the Unigamesity for the answer. And it was a very smart call, since I have the answer for you. So here’s what you can find inside the Mafia Wars Swamp Crates:

Gator – 22 attack, 42 defense
Cottonmouth Blade – 43 attack, 23 defense
Bullfrog – 29 attack, 49 defense

Swamp Camo – 48 attack, 27 defense
Wetland Guide – 34 attack, 71 defense

Croc Catcher – 41 attack, 24 defense
Mud Slinger – 26 attack, 47 defense
Swamp Buggy – 72 attack, 32 defense

As I’ve told you, you can purchase the Mafia Wars Swamp Crates from the market for a price of 12 Reward Points for one crate or 35 Reward Points for a pack of three swamp crates. Are you going to purchase them or not?