wormsarmageddon-coverEven though Australian gamers are not huge fans of their Rating Board because they tend to refuse some of the most violent video games, the organization still manages to offer some pleasant surprises and information about games which should’ve been kept secret for at least a little longer.

Therefore, the Australian Classification Board has just posted their approval for a new Worms Armageddon game, which gets a G rating and, according to the board, a multi platform release. Which is a bit strange since the game’s (fully titled Worms Armageddon Decade) publisher is Microsoft – and we doubt they’ll release any PS3 or Wii games.

However, even though no further details are offered by this classification report, we are tempted to believe that this Worms Armageddon Decade game will be some kind of an anniversary edition since, as the title suggests, this year marks the tenth year since the release of the original game. But we’ll have to wait for more details until we can say for sure.