If Your Kids Play Too Much, Gas Them! Wait… What?

If Your Kids Play Too Much, Gas Them! Wait… What?

pedisedate-gameboytIt’s hard to believe it, but it can’t be a very late April Fool’s Day either: Spong is reporting that a strange device called PediSedate can be used to… uhm… gas your kids if they play too much with their handheld. Don’t think it’s anything lethal, though: it’s laughing gas and an anesthetic gas.

However, the nice part is that this PediSedate doesn’t seem to be your peripheral that can be purchased from your local store: it appears that it is or will be used in hospitals in order to help sedate kids since apparently that is a tricky business nowadays.

So? How do you do it? Well… you simply plug the device into a Game Boy (if you can still find one), tell the kid to put on the headset and hope that they won’t find it quite strange that you’re asking them to play an outdated handheld while wearing a strange mask. If they do wear it, though, the PediSedate will deliver nitrous oxide directly to his lungs and he’ll get sedated.

Still, it’s quite strange and I’m sure that this made some light bulbs appear on top of some people’s heads…