Eve Online imageThe ever growing universe of Eve Online, the space massively multiplayer online game from CCP will receive a huge expansion, Apocrypha, this March. Described as the “most ambitious” Eve expansion ever, its release date will coincide with the game’s release as a boxed product on March 10.

EVE Online: Apocrypha will bring wormholes to the game’s universe and you’ll be able to explore them if you are brave enough. You should be, though, since new technologies await inside these cosmic holes, including the technology needed to build Tech 3 modular ships, the most dynamic vessels ever.

Also, the NPCs in Apocrypha will assign Epic Mission Arcs to the pilots of New Eden, so the most skilled players will get new chances to test their abilities. Also, the Eve Online expansion will deliver an entirely reworked New Player Experience for the joining gamers, making it easier for them to understand the complexity of the game. So let’s hope that this is just the beginning of even greater things!