On Roblox, you may change the hairstyle of your in-game character. This allows users to have considerably more unique haircuts. Roblox has long sought to distinguish itself from the crowd.  This is reflected in the brightly colored attire and costumes that gamer avatars generally wear. So, why not try something even more unconventional and wear two distinct haircuts at once?

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Read on to find out how you can put on several hairstyles in Roblox.

Hair in Roblox

Roblox clearly encourages creativity within the game’s community, and nothing beats designing a one-of-a-kind character. Roblox users may personalize a variety of game elements, such as their character’s lips, eyes, clothes, hair, and much more, as well as many color options.

Customizing your gaming avatar is one of the most exciting elements of starting a new game, and layered hairstyles have nearly become a must-have for many Roblox players. Even so, gamers would like to be able to switch up their gaming styles as their character grows and changes with the game’s advancement.

How Do You Combine Hairs on Roblox Mobile?

You’ll need to be on Roblox.com on a computer, tablet, or phone to change your avatar to wear multiple hairs, though it’s generally simplest to do so on a computer. On the Roblox app, you cannot equip more than one hair!

Once on the Roblox website, navigate to the avatar editor by clicking the three lines in the upper left-hand corner, then selecting Avatar from the drop-down menu. Locate the Body menu and choose the Hair option from the submenu. Now, select and equip the base hairstyle you want your avatar to have.

How To Wear Two Hairs on Roblox Mobile? 

Follow the instructions below to see how you may have several hairstyles in Roblox:

1. To begin, open Roblox and sign in using your credentials.

2. After that, go to the Avatar Editor. You must select the sort of hair you desire for your avatar here: Roblox hairstyles

3. After that, go to your inventory and then to hairstyles.

4. Once you’ve arrived, pick the hairstyle you want by clicking on it.

5. When you open this selected hairstyle, you will see its ID code in the address bar.

6. Take note of the link in the address bar.

7. Return to the Avatar Editor and choose Hair.

8. You must scroll down and then pick Advanced.

9. When this window opens, enter the ID of the hairstyle you copied from the URL bar earlier.

10. Copy and paste this ID into the second ID space.

11. Multiple IDs can be entered into the slots.

12. While you may potentially utilize up to ten different haircuts on your avatar at once, you’ll need to be creative in order to make it appear attractive.

13. After the second or third hairstyle, most gamers stop adding them.

14. You may use these techniques to create a variety of unique and imaginative hairstyles that will set you apart from other Roblox players.

15. The most exciting aspect of this entire process is that you are only limited by your imagination and ingenuity.

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This is all you need to know about putting on numerous hairstyles in Roblox.


We hope you understood the above steps on how you can wear multiple hairstyles on your favorite game, Roblox.