roblox shirt

Roblox lets users customize apparel pieces, which is fantastic since all the characters would have the same appearance.

A T-shirt design is the easiest to create; it only takes a photo placed on the front of an avatar’s torso and may be submitted for free. To grasp the technical needs and process, it is a good idea for novices to start by manufacturing a T-shirt.

You must first send your work for review and acquire the Premium membership to upload your masterpiece on Roblox. Read our instructions if you want to create a unique shirt design for Roblox.

Can you make T-shirts on Roblox?

With the help of the Avatar Shop or their creations, players may dress and accessorize their avatars any way they choose. You may create a T-shirt or a shirt in Roblox. The front of an avatar’s torso is covered by an image decal, which is all that a T-shirt is.

How To Create Roblox Shirt 

Here are a few steps that you need to follow when making a Roblox shirt:

Downloading Roblox Shirt Template

Downloading the garment templates is the first step before adding your artwork. Roblox only offers templates for shirts and pants; there isn’t a T-shirt template.

Access your Roblox account.

Click “Shirts” after selecting “Create” from the top menu.

To download it, click the link.

Choose “Save picture as” by right-clicking the image in the pop-up box.

You have downloaded the shirt template. If necessary, use the same method to download pants.

Creating Roblox Shirt 

You may use any image editor to create a picture for your T-shirt in Roblox. We’ll show you to do it with Snagit here:

Select the template by clicking File > Open in Snagit.

Select Section, then move the section to match the outlines.

On your keyboard, hit Delete. Your selected portion would be eliminated.

After choosing Fill to flood-fill the area with color, place a picture in the front room.

To remove every template from the image and fill it with the desired color, use Section once more.

You don’t have to adhere to the template’s precise dimensions; you can overdraw the section, and it will still be OK.

You may now post your design to Roblox after saving the image.

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Testing Roblox Shirt 

Use Roblox Studio to test without spending any money if you want to see how your clothing appears in Torso.

Open your location in Roblox Studio.

On the top menu bar, choose Plugin, then select Build Rig.

From the popup menu, select a rig type. In your office, a Dummy-themed avatar will appear. The Block Rig is my choice.

To change the size and orientation of your Dummy, click MODEL and then utilize Move, Scale, and Rotate.

Locate Dummy in the Explorer window on the right side and click the Plus sign while hovering over it. Depending on the clothing you wear, insert a Shirt, Pants, or ShirtGraphic (T-Shirt) object.

Find and pick the new Clothing or Shirt Graphic (T-shirt) item inside the dummy.

Click on the property’s row to open the Properties window, which is under the Explorer window.

Select the picture you uploaded to Roblox by clicking Add image.

You ought to examine the layout.

Uploading Roblox Shirt

Access the Create page.

Depending on your design, select either Shirts, Pants, or T-Shirts from the left column.

To upload a file, click Choose File and then choose the file.

Give your object a name by typing it.

To upload for 10 Robux, click the button. The thing will appear as one of your inventions after Roblox has given it the green light, and you may use it on your avatar or sell it to other Roblox users.

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What program should I use to make a Roblox shirt?

You need to have a membership to upload, wear, and earn Robux just by creating a personalized shirt. Please don’t mistake shirts for t-shirts. T-shirt creation is possible without a Premium membership, but shirt creation requires a subscription.


This concludes our discussion of how to create Roblox apparel. You can use our instructions to create a T-shirt and a shirt, which apply to Roblox pants.

If you have a membership, you may sell the clothing and possibly get back money in Robux. Try it out and enjoy yourself!