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Roblox is one of the most played video games available on the internet. When it comes to gaming, creating a cake of your own choice brings a whole new level of joy.

While Roblox includes a few generic characters, it’s a good idea to go with the character that the boy/girl uses in the game and incorporate in the design of the cake ideas that you can create on Roblox.

11 Best Roblox Cake Ideas For Boys & Girls 

If you’re looking for Roblox-themed cake ideas for a birthday celebration or inspiration to design your own cake, here are a few ideas that can help you get started:

Roblox Birthday Cake

A Roblox Birthday cake is the one that is usually made so many times by most of the players. You can add as many bases to it, create a delicious icing, choose a topping of your choice, and you’re done. Adding cake toppers will add an excellent look to the finished product.

Roblox Cake Buttercream

To make this cake, all you need to do is simply bake two round cakes of your choice. You may use a packet mix or buy two round cakes from your local grocery shop.

You can start making the buttercream while the cakes are baked. Once the cake bases have cooled down, stack them on top of each other with some buttercream between them to keep them together.

Then, frost the top of the cake with a generous amount of delectable buttercream. It doesn’t have to be perfect because you’ll be heaping sweets on top later.

Easy Roblox Cake

To make an easy Roblox cake, you need to bake a cake surface and add some icing to it to make it look more aesthetic.

You can use anything from M&M’s, KitKats, Smarties, marshmallows, Freckles, or Jaffas as toppings.

The KitKats should then be cut apart. Cutting them in pairs worked better than single sticks.

In addition, ice the exterior of the cake with a generous amount of frosting and adhere the KitKat pieces to the edges of the stacked cake. Working fast, stick the chocolate to the sides and attach them with a ribbon or thread looped around the edges.

Don’t forget the figurines and chocolates on top. 

Roblox Cake Without Fondant

A Roblox cake without any fondant is the easiest one to make since all you need to do is make the regular base for it. You can make it with vanilla essence or some other food coloring. You may also add some chocolate syrup or fruit toppings over it, and it would still look just as great as the one with icing.

Roblox Cake for Boy

The cake ideas for boys in Roblox may be made by embellishing with fondant cutouts for the face. This might also be done on a flat circular cake.

These Roblox cake designs can turn out to be a lot of fun to make. Try your hand at making fondant shapes and see what you can come up with. You don’t have to put the logo on top of everything. If you can master the fondant’ hair,’ you will be mostly done with this one.

Roblox Cake for Girl

Since there are so many Roblox cake ideas for boys, I will now talk about some Roblox cake ideas for girls. This can be easily done with the simplest KitKat Roblox cake for a girl made with Smarties. If you like, you may add some additional figurines, chocolates, and sparklers.

The cake designs can be made with fondant and would need a significant amount of time and skill to produce. This tutu outfit is really stunning. These are a few more Roblox cake ideas for girls that any Roblox girl would like this cake designs, as these could be personalized to match their character.

Roblox Piggy cake 

This is one of the cutest cake designs that you can make on Roblox, a pig-shaped pink-colored cake with a high-quality frosting. You can also add M&Ms for the eyes and make it look more appealing than ever!

Roblox Cake Topper

Roblox drip cake can be made easily with the help of some of the delectable Roblox cake toppings. Roblox cake toppers may be as ornate or as basic as you like, and they are the quickest and easiest method to make a Roblox theme cake. If you want a flat sheet cake, you might use a flatter sort of ornamentation.

Roblox Cake Decorations

If you are not that good at making characters out of fondant or sugar paste but still want to make some incredible Roblox cake decorations to add to your cake, then you can add a collection or set of figurines that will provide you with a plethora of options for your Roblox-themed cake and would also make an excellent birthday present.

They’ll treasure the figures long after the cake has been devoured. (Please keep in mind that the toys/figures are not edible.)

Roblox Cupcakes

Cupcakes are a fun and quick way to make a birthday cake or some party food to go along with your big birthday cake. You can make some incredible Roblox cupcakes with stunning fondant toppers that can be adorned to appear like Roblox characters. These cupcakes are simple to make, thanks to these great downloadable Roblox cupcake toppers.

Roblox Cupcake Topper

If you lack excellent fondant styling talents, you might need to start looking for some great printable Roblox cupcake toppers that you can simply make at home using a printer, scissors, and toothpicks or cake pop sticks.

These cupcakes can be made with downloadable toppers, which make decorating cupcakes easy and quick, as well as look amazing. A cupcake cake shaped like the birthday age is a fun way for a birthday celebration. Simply add cake toppers, and you’re good to go!

How do I make a Roblox cake?

If you’re familiar with the game, this is going to be a piece of cake for you! (pun intended) Here is a YouTube Tutorial that you can watch about making a cake on Roblox.