Today, January the 15th, a new feature has been introduced to FarmVille: Collections and collectable items, and here in the we are talking about each collection. Now it’s time to find out all the details about the FarmVille Bugs collectible items, as well as how to get them!

First of, if you want to check out your Bugs Collection, you can access it by clicking the blue ribbon button and then clicking on “collections”.

How do you get all the FarmVille Bugs collectibles? Well, that’s pretty easy: you simply have to be active and plow your land, harvest crops as well as fertilize neighbor crops. The collectables are awarded randomly, so we need time to get them all:

– Ladybug from fertilizing neighbor crops
– Dragonfly from sending gifts
– Caterpillar from harvesting trees
– Stickbug from harvesting trees
– Beetle from fertilizing neighbor crops
– Centipede from plowing your land

Here is a better view of all the Bugs Collection items (click the image to enlarge for a better view):
Did you manage to find all the items in this collection?