All the Dead Space games challenge us to Find Peng in order to unlock a 50-points achievement (There’s Always Peng) and, of course, finding the little statue in each game is a real challenge. Fortunately, we have managed to find Peng for you and I am going to share below how to get Peng in Dead Space 3 with this complete guide to the Peng location in the game!

If you want to still try and find Peng by yourself, but would like to narrow down the search area, let me tell you that you’ll find it in Chapter 14. It’s still pretty hard to find, so if you don’t have any luck, here is what to do:

In order to get it, you will have to go for the Reaper Barracks optional mission. At one point, after taking a ladder down, you will get to a pump room with a huge spiked piston. You have to find Pump 2 in there and just inside it (it’s the tube you have just exited from) you will find Peng. You will need to use Kinesis to get Peng in Dead Space 3 and you might also have to use Stasis to stop the pump until you get your little statue.

I have also found on YouTube a video showing you the location of the Peng statue in Dead Space 3, so if my text guide doesn’t help, you can always watch it to make sure that you get it:

Good luck getting Peng in Dead Space 3!