Dead Space 3 is the real deal right now and all the game we’ll need to play for a while, and I am sure that you are doing your best to complete the game on your own and see how it ends. There’s even more to get from it, though, once you complete it and I doubt that a little extra help can do any wrong, so I’ve decided to share with you some Dead Space 3 cheats to help you move forward and find it easier to play the game.

We’ll start with the unlockable Game Modes, with the details straight from the manual, because I know you don’t read that:

• New Game+ — This game mode is locked until you complete the game once. Your inventory and weapons will carry forward, although your chapter progress will be reset.

• Classic Mode — This game mode is in the spirit of the original Dead Space.

• Pure Survival Mode — This game mode emphasizes resource management (you will have to do a lot of crafting, since enemies only drop resources and you won’t find any ammo, health or parts for weapons along the way!)

• Hardcore Mode — This game mode provides a challenge beyond even the Hard and Impossible modes. (You only have 1 life and are allowed to save 3 times only)

Dead Space 3 Hardcore Mode Cheat

Your game will still Auto-Save, so when it does, you can hurry to complete your save of the Hardcore mode on an USB device, then delete your saves on the hard drive and be allowed to save again and again, if you repeat this process.

Dead Space 3 Infinite Item Cheat (Chapter 8)

In Chapter 8, a particular item will continue to respawn randomly every time you pick it up and let the door completely close. If you stand too close to the door it doesn’t “lock” and the item doesn’t reappear, so you have to walk away from the door and return. There is a video showing you exactly how this cheat works, and you should make sure to take advantage of it before it gets fixed:

Dead Space 3 Cheat: Infinite Health Packs and Metals

This is basically an exploit, or something we’d call “Farming” and it goes like this: keep an eye on the screen and when you see “save in progress” this means that the game is automatically saved and you’re probably close to item boxes or locker rooms. Keep reloading the game anytime you see this and you can farm all your way up! Here’s a video explaining the whole thing:

For now, these are the Dead Space 3 cheats that I have to share with you. If you still want more without cheating, we have also published a Dead Space 3 walkthrough, a guide on how to get Peng in the game, as well as a weapon part locations guide. And more is going to be published soon!