The Dead Space 3 circuits are essential in Dead Space 3, as they help you improve the stats of your weapons, working as collectible upgrade points of sorts and you can find them along the way and use them as you see fit. Of course, they’re not really easy to find, so a Dead Space 3 circuit locations guide should be written to help you get your items.

And I am here to share with you all the details about the Dead Space 3 circuit locations, and we’ll start with the circuits you’ll find starting Chapter 3 (the first chapter where you’ll find your first circuit!)

Dead Space 3 Circuits Locations: Chapter 3

1. When getting to the room with the first Work Bench you’ll encounter (where you have to use Telekinesis to power it up), you will find this circuit to the right of the door, inside a box.

2. After getting out of the presentation room in this chapter, you’ll be heading down a long hallway. At the end, you’ll find a box with your circuit inside.

Dead Space 3 Circuits Locations: Chapter 4

1. Just as you start the mission, there will be a SCAF tent you can see. Enter it and use Telekinesis to grab your circuit!

2. Going back through the presentation room, you will have to head over to the Repair Bay. Instead of going there, take a little detour to the Crew’s Quarters and find your circuit from a box on a wall.

3. Take the Greely optional mission to find this circuit, in the room that you open with the Tungsten Bar, you will find your circuit inside a box.

4. During the Brusilov optional mission, enter the door near the wreck to find your circuit inside a crate there.

Dead Space 3 Circuits Locations: Chapter 5

1. Go to the cockpit on Tera Nova and you will find the circuit after you go up the stairs, in a cabinet.

2. In the room where you meet the exploding Necromorphs, in the right corner, there is a cabinet with a circuit inside.

3. During the Conning Tower optional mission, when you get inside the Control Station where you have to get one level down to escape the enemies, you can find it on the bench in front, before you go down one level!

4. During the same optional mission, when you get to that area where gravity panels stop you from proceeding, you will take a ladder and find a door that unlocks with a Tungsten Bar – inside, there’s a circuit waiting for you!

5. There are two more circuits you can get during the Conning Tower mission, after you get the access key. Go again to the upper level, where you can enter now a door with a crate inside with the circuits for you!

Dead Space 3 Circuits Locations: Chapter 6

1. In the refueling room, right before you exit, there is a cabinet with a circuit for you.

2. After the scene where you have to avoid the fire, you will go down a ladder and find the circuit in the room, in a box there.

And this is it right now with the Dead Space 3 circuit locations – we’ll make sure to update the list as we go through the game and find more. Apparently, Chapter 8 is the one with the next circuits, because we weren’t able to find any in chapter 7, so stay tuned!